ACDpro10 Electronic Controller A10

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- Non contact trigger. - Precise braking behavior for better tire guidance. - One controller for many motors. - Control knobs for brake and sensitivity. - Choke knob for voltage reduction. - Diverse safety functions. - Microcontroller based. - Very simple to use / No regular maintenance needed. - Light weight. Description: The ACD pro is a microcontroller- based slotcar racing controller. The motor current will be controlled via a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) unit. This technique delivers a very effective control of the motor, which gives the best racing results. The new and smooth braking behaviour leads to a smooth control of the car. The non contact triggering mechanism is very effective and needs no maintenance. This triggering method results in a better overall performance of the ACD pro. The ACD pro has many safety functions. The ACD pro tolerates over current, over voltage and occasionally false contacts of the 3 main wires/plugs. The ACD pro is built by state of the art equipment. Continues / peak current: 10A / 30A. Voltage range: 7V / 22V. Separate power unit. Polarisation Switch + / -. Current monitoring. Fuse: FKS Car Fuse

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