Roll-outTable/Gear Ratio Booklet JP1

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Calculation Example :

With the Roll-out Table racers can immediately determine the correct gear ratio.

All gear sizes are in JP highlighted colours.

Indispensable if you go to different racetracks.

Motor Pinions from 8-16T.

Spur Gears from 28-48T.

Tire diameters from 20-29mm in 0.25 mm increments.

One route can be combined with an optimum path length of approximately 23.5m. On the car are 25.0 mm tires, on a Fox 4 Motor the pinion has 12T. So what do I need?

I am looking for subjects in 25.0 mm tire size, go to the 12T pinion and drive along the horizontal line until I arrived at 23,55. That means a 40T spur gear. If I have now only 23.00 mm rear wheels, the distance is the same and again a 12T motor pinion. I'm going to the tire diameter 23.00 mm, in line with the 12T pinion and looking horizontally, until I reach 23,42m. Therefore I need a 37T spur gear.

Rollout = [3.14 x (pinion teeth) x (tire diameter)] / (spur gear teeth)

Rollout = [3.14 x 12 x 25] / 40 = 23.55m

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