AUD $83.80 each PLAFIT4 Assembled Chassis only 1900X

AUD $10.00 each Main Plate, standard 1901

AUD $11.10 each Main Chassis Plate +10mm 1901B

AUD $14.80 each Main Plate Brass 1.2mm for S Version 1901SB2

AUD $11.65 each Front Bearing Holder (L,R) 1902

AUD $1.55 each Back Plate 31mm 1902P31

AUD $1.55 each Back Plate 34.1mm 1902P341

AUD $2.00 each Back Plate 38mm 1902P38

AUD $2.00 each Back Plate 48mm 1902P48

AUD $3.30 each Guide Holder, standard 1903

AUD $10.10 each Axle Holder (L,R), standard 1904

AUD $6.05 each Front Section, standard 1905

AUD $12.60 each Front Section Set with Suspension 1905SS

AUD $5.55 each Front Section Suspension Center Spacer (2pcs) 1905SSS

AUD $7.55 each Body Mounting Plates (1pr) 1906

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